This Week on Rhythm & Praise: The Confrontation

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If you suspect your significant other is having an affair, should you confront them about the situation if you have no intention on doing anything about it?

The Mario Washington and Jasmine Love talk in The Reality Check about the episode of Braxton Family Values in which both Tamar and Toni made a point to say women shouldn't ask their man about another woman if they are not going to do anything about it. If you’re not prepared to do something about it, they declare, then you will become just like the other woman. He doesn’t have to respect you anymore. So don’t ask if you’re not prepared to take action. “LET THAT MAN CHEAT IN PEACE,” is what the Braxton sisters say. read more

Let’s Talk About Faith at FAITH, BEAUTIES & BRUNCH

Enjoy Your Faith Ministries Presents:
Faith Beauties & Brunch

…for the Persevering Woman Fighting to Continue Her Journey in Times of Despair


Definition of Persevering: 
Continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.

God makes BIG promises, but how do we maintain BIG faith until the fruition of that promise…especially when it seems we keep getting hit with BIG problems?

Join an intimate group of Christian women for an afternoon of spiritual refreshment and encouragement. Enjoy activities, testimonies and spiritual encouragement with our featured guests, Dominique Inspires & Tiffany Bost!
  read more

INTERVIEW: Geoffrey Golden “Ministry is Really My Life”

The BET's "Sunday Best" winner shares details of a breathtaking prophecy that led to his unforgettable victory, the REAL role of a Praise & Worship leader and the personal commitments necessary for an effective ministry.


Experiencing the presence ofGod through the form of Praise and Worship is something that I’ve grown to thoroughly enjoy. Especially when you’ve come from the party/club scene like I did…a good worship session becomes the equivalent of a good “turn up” session. This time, though, it’s in reverence to our oh so deserving Savior.  This time, my 'turn up' doesn't have me leaving intoxicated and disillusioned. Instead, I’m leaving filled…ready to conquer the world with my newly restored confidence gained from a dynamic encounter with the Most High. read more

Rhythm & Praise Podcast 6-11-17

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NEW Rhythm & Praise: Rock Bottom


When your lover hits rock bottom, in any area of their life, do you know how to effectively and affectionately support them?

A few years ago, when "Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-star Cynthia Bailey had a public battle with fibroids she openly shared how it changed the sex life within her marriage. Not being able to have sex with her then husband, Peter Thomas, took a toll on their relationship. But when your lover isn't able to satisfy your desires, does that mean its time to satisfy them on your own?   read more

Rhythm & Praise Podcast 5-28-17

When your lover hits rock bottom, do you know how to effectively support them? Jasmine Love & THE Mario Washington discuss how to motivate loved ones in times of despair without adding additional stress to the situation…whether financially, intimately, emotionally or spiritually. 

Gospel Recording artist Joshua Rogers calls in to talk with Jasmine Love about his latest single ‘Don’t Leave Me’  

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Interview: Joshua Rogers Says Even with Support the Road Can Get Lonely

It's been a constant uphill journey for Joshua Rogers since winning BET's Sunday Best (Season 5) back in 2012. With music and ministry occupying his time, one would assume loneliness would be the least of Joshua's encounters. He openly admits during his one-on-one with Jasmine Love, however, that even with a strong support system of family and friends, the journey can still get a little lonely. But God, he says, is always there. 

The singer shares with Jasmine Love how such encounters has led to his single Don't Leave Me. The single was released last fall.  read more

Zeta J talks Co-Parenting, Blended Families, Child Support & More


I first encountered this beautiful spirit during a women's empowerment brunch here in Charlotte. Her confidence was immediately admirable as she sat before a group of absolute strangers and shared her life story…a story that would keep most women in a lifelong state of guilt and shame. Not afraid of judgment and discomfort, Zeta J told her truth. She knew that her truth that would not only set her own heart free, but free the bondage of shame riding so many other women in the room that day. read more

INTERVIEW: Bold & Beautiful with Ashlee McClenton

Her photos exude confidence, but there is always a powerful story behind a bold woman. Full figured model Ashlee McClenton opens up with Jasmine Love about her love for spring fashion and her continuing journey to self-acceptance. Listen as they talk fashion, confidence and spirituality. Ashlee McClenton has been featured in 2014 & 2015 Full Figured Fashion week in New York. She is also a spokes person for Salon de Chane'l.

NEW Rhythm & Praise: Parenting with No Bra


Creating a healthy co-parenting environment isn't always easy when parents don't see eye to eye. It didn't take author and inspirational speaker Zeta J long to realize, though, that depression and bitterness would forever rule her life if some necessary changes weren't made. Let's just say someone has to be the bigger person.

The Atlanta native and mother of 2 candidly shares her life changing motherhood journey…from discovering the heart breaking news that the father of her unborn child was married to creating a guide to help single mothers everywhere.  read more

Rhythm & Praise Podcast 4-30-17

Zeta J, the author of Parenting No Bra – For the Independent Woman joins Jasmine Love in The Reality Check to share her story of single motherhood. After learning that the father of her unborn child was actually someone else's husband, Zeta J soon realized depression and bitterness would forever rule both her life and the life of her family if some things didn't change.

Zeta J shares how she has managed to create a healthy co-parenting environment, raise a young man and still pursue entrepreneurship.  read more

Tasha Page-Lockhart Holds Nothing Back in Her New Book

BET's 'Sunday Best' winner Tasha Page-Lockhart released her first book 'And The Winner Is…Tasha Page Lockhart UNCUT' earlier this month. Readers haven't been shy of expressing their appreicaiton for her transparency as she unveils some very intesne truth of her personal trials and tribulations. From molestation and teenage pregancy to homlessness and drug addiction, fans are now able to understand the singer's testimony that is so evident in the passion delivered from her music.  read more

NEW Rhythm & Praise: No Bad B*!@#E$ Allowed


Every woman wants to be the baddest chick in the building but they say the loudest person in the room is often times the weakest one in the room. It's sometimes hard to see the genuine heart in a woman because she covers it with so many distractions…including a flawless face, expensive clothing and don't forget that BAD ATTITUDE.

We have to remember, though, that even the prettiest of women have trials too! read more

Rhythm & Praise Podcast 4-16-17

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Stage Lights Charlotte is Back for its 3rd Show

Spiritual Spoken Word Artist Valentia Escobar prepares for the third show of Stage Lights Charlotte, where young artists and poets will come together for a spiritual night of spoken word and musical perforamces. Valentina sat down with Jasmine Love to discuss the creation of Stage Lights 3 and how God led her to discover a multiptude of talent looking for a creative outlet to express their faith outside of the church.

The faith based show features:


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