‘Stranger Things’ Season 2, a David S. Pumpkins Special and More TV You Must See This Week

By Karen Gomez

Other highlights include the return of ‘The Walking Dead,’ a documentary on Joan Didion, and many Halloween specials.

This week’s TV is all about the Halloween spirit: one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons of last year returns with more paranormal activity and ’80s nostalgia, while everyone’s favorite zombie show raises the stakes in its eighth season. There is also an abundance of holiday-themed specials: from a longstanding animated series tradition to an cartoon Saturday Night Live spin-off, as well as classic Universal monster films streaming online for the first time. If you need a breather between frights, there is also one documentary that dives into the legacy of an American literary icon and another that unique sheds light on the life of a cinematographer. read more

The Walking Dead Season 8 Preview and Episode 2 Scene

The Walking Dead Season 8 Preview and Episode 2 Scene

The Walking Dead Season 8 preview and Episode 2 scene

Following the season premiere, AMC has released a new The Walking Dead Season 8 preview and a scene from Episode 2. You can watch the videos below, and underneath you’ll also find what’s likely to be the most talked about scene from the premiere.

Airing on Sunday, October 29, The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2 is titled “The Damned” and is described as follows: “The plan involving Alexandrians, Kingdommers and Hilltoppers unfolds; as Rick continues to fight, he encounters a familiar face.” read more

Watch ‘Geostorm,’ Then Watch These Movies

By Christopher Campbell

Actually, just skip the new movie and dive into the old.

Most weeks, my movies to watch list is tied to a new release that’s either worth seeing or is likely to be popular. This week, it’s tied to Geostorm, the feature directorial debut of  Independence Day writer/producer Dean Devlin. Unsurprisingly, it’s a disaster movie, and a disastrous one at that. I can’t recommend it even for a laugh since it’s not even so bad it’s good bad.

But I would still like to recommend eight other movies worth seeing, not all of them great but each still worthy of familiarity, in relation to and as alternatives to Geostorm. Most of them, like the new movie, also involve the concept of controlling the world’s weather via satellites, showing just how unoriginal Devlin’s movie is regardless of its poor execution. read more

Star Wars Battlefront II Single Player Campaign is About 5 – 7 Hours

Star Wars Battlefront II Single Player Campaign is About 5 - 7 Hours

Star Wars Battlefront II single player campaign is about 5 – 7 hours

On Thursday, EA released the new Star Wars Battlefront II single player campaign trailer (watch below) and now we’ve learned more about how long the campaign will last. Producer David Robillard, from one of the game’s developers, Motive Studios, has revealed to Press Start that you can expect to play between five to six hours, and at the most eight hours.

“We thought that around 5-7, maybe 8 hours is probably a good amount of time,” he said. “We wanted to stay very driven towards the Star Wars fantasy that the players are going to experience and not have it be drawn out.” read more

AMC’s VR App Brings New Immersive Content from ‘The Walking Dead’

By Sheryl Oh

AMC continues to gnaw away at virtual reality marketing.

The Walking Dead is coming back this weekend in a big way. AMC has launched a virtual reality (VR) app which will house 360-degree immersive content from the hit TV show to complement its Sunday premiere.

The AMC VR app will provide supplementary material for season 8, including an extended bonus scene from the premiere starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Seth Gilliam. The Walking Dead executive producer, special effects makeup supervisor and director Greg Nicotero and VR filmmaker Kevin Cornish co-directed the scene. read more

Magnum P.I. Reboot in Development at CBS

Magnum P.I. reboot in the works at CBS

A Magnum P.I. reboot is in the works at CBS

Magnum P.I. is getting a reboot at CBS, according to THR. Peter Lenkov and Eric Guggenheim (reboots of Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver) will reportedly write the script for the show, which has been given a pilot production commitment. (Lenkov is the showrunner for both shows.) The Magnum P.I. reboot will be executive produced by John Davis and John Fox (The Blacklist) through their David Entertainment banner. The show is a co-production between CBS Television Studios and Universal Television. read more

Mindy Kaling Has Two NBC Comedies in the Works

By Sheryl Oh

‘The Mindy Project’ fans need not fret. Mindy Kaling is still bringing quality stories to our TV screens.

The Mindy Project will soon bow out after a 6-season run once the show ends for good in November, but creator, producer, and star Mindy Kaling is keeping busy. Variety reports that Kaling will produce not one, but two comedies for NBC with the creative team of The Mindy Project.

The Mindy Project co-executive producer, writer, and director Lang Fisher is developing one of the series, as-yet-untitled. If the plot summary is anything to go by, quite a fair bit of politics will come into play here. The show will revolve around a group of dedicated diplomats in a small embassy in the Caribbean whose work goes askew thanks to the arrival of their new ambassador: an incompetent, ignorant oil man. read more

T La Rock: Fox to Develop Film About Life of the First Def Jam Artist

Fox developing a film about the life of Def Jam recording artist T La Rock

Fox developing a film about the life of Def Jam recording artist T La Rock

Twentieth Century Fox is developing a film about the life of the first Def Jam recording artist T La Rock. Fox acquired the rights to Joshuah Bearman’s GQ article about the life of T La Rock, upon which the film will be based. Academy Award-nominated producer Mike Medavoy, Joshuah Bearman, Benjamin Anderson, Jake Stein, Josh Davis and Bonnie Timmermann, along with Def Jam founder Russell Simmons will produce the film.  Bearman, who wrote Argo, is a co-founder of Epic Magazine, which has a first look deal at Fox. read more

Tom Arnold Wants You To Buy Into The Absurdity of ‘Dead Ant’

By Brad Gullickson

There is no room for cynicism with Tom Arnold’s new creature feature filled with wannabe rockers and giant, finger-lickin’ mutant ants.

A convoy packed with wannabe rockers drives into the desert desperate to reclaim their one-time relevance only to lose their minds on a gnarly peyote-trip, and possibly an assault from a giant, killer ant. A single watch of the Dead Ant trailer will separate the lovers from the haters. This is either your thing or it is not. Dead Ant plays to your memories of A-Bomb sci-fi horror classics like Them and Panic in Year Zero and reaches for extra levels of silliness by supplying fodder in the forms of Jake Busey, Sean Astin, Rhys Coiro, Leisha Hailey, and Tom Arnold. Here is a celebration of the cheesiest of B-Movies. Dead Ant is an excuse to revel in the baser levels of your bottom-feeder pubescent brain, laughing at the grotesque devouring of rock n roll dolts. Speaking over the phone with Tom Arnold, it is apparent that the long-time character actor knows exactly what kind of movie they’re applauding with Dead Ant. Life is too short to wallow in snootiness, and sometimes all you need to turn your day around is a good laugh at the severing of limbs. read more

Feud: Betty and Joan Writers to Pen Vivien Leigh Biopic

We're getting a Vivien Leigh biopic from the writers of Feud: Betty and Joan

We’re getting a Vivien Leigh biopic from the writers of Feud: Betty and Joan

Michael Zam and Jaffe Cohen, the Emmy-nominated writers of the Ryan Murphy FX limited series Feud: Betty and Joan are working on a biopic about Gone With the Wind actress Vivien Leigh, according to Variety. The duo will reportedly adapt the story from the book “Vivien Leigh: A Biography” by Hugo Vickers. The film will feature the life of the actress and her life with Lawrence Olivier. The film will be produced and financed by MGR Films’ Tim MacReady and Mira Vucevic with David A. Stern. read more

The Case For Comedic Actors Doing More Drama

By Max Covill

Trading laughs for tears these actors showcase their range.

Without a doubt, comedians are labeled comedians for a reason. They came on the scene providing huge laughs and iconic characters that have lived on in pop culture history. What if they tackled more drama roles though?

Many actors have at least dipped their toes into the dramatic waters with varying results. There is certainly no proof that an actor who is purely known for comedy and suddenly takes on a drama it will be a revelation. Though those examples do exist. With the recent release of The Meyerowitz Stories on Netflix, Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler do some of the best work of their career. Perhaps it was the direction of Noah Baumbach, but these actors have proven themselves before as well. read more

October 17 Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD Releases

Week of October 17 Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD Releases

Welcome to ComingSoon.net’s October 17 Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD column! As you can see, we’ve added a video player at the top highlighting this week’s releases, and you can find more detailed write-ups of different titles below! You can click each highlighted title to purchase through Amazon!

New Movies on Blu-ray/DVD

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Sony and Marvel Studios’ web-slinging blockbuster reintroduced the character onscreen for a third time, and third time’s the charm as this is by far the most fun and exciting Spider-Man movie yet! Director Jon Watts seamlessly integrates Tom Holland’s high school sophomore Peter Parker not only into the MCU (thank you, Robert Downey Jr.!) but also into the real world. Unlike the Tobey Maguire films (which stayed true to the 1960’s comics) and the Andrew Garfield ones (that felt like a series of studio notes), Spider-Man: Homecoming feels utterly contemporary, from the diverse cast to the more adolescent personality of Peter, who still enjoys putting together LEGOs with his buddy, and needs his Aunt May to show him how to tie a tie. The Blu-ray should be an essential part of any Marvel Studios fan’s collection, with some great special features including a hilarious extension of Peter’s phone journal of his trip to Germany! read more

‘The Foreigner’ Review: Jackie Chan Connects With the Heart and Other Pressure Points

By Rob Hunter

It’s no franchise-starter, a la ‘Taken,’ but Chan’s “old man seeks revenge” flick is a terrific action/drama all the same.

Martin Campbell rebooted the James Bond franchise twice, with GoldenEye and Casino Royale, and his directorial career also includes entertaining fare like Criminal Law and The Mask of Zorro. 2011’s Green Lantern was viewed as such a failure, though, that he hasn’t directed a feature since. Jackie Chan, meanwhile, has kept extremely busy internationally but hasn’t had a wide release in the U.S. outside of animated films since 2010’s The Karate Kid.

It’s been too long for both of them, but now the pair have come together for The Foreigner, and the result is every bit the success fans could have hoped for. read more

Nancy Drew Series in Redevelopment by NBC

NBC is taking on a Nancy Drew series after CBS gave it a shot last season

NBC is taking on a Nancy Drew series after CBS gave it a shot last season

NBC is developing the series Nancy Drew, inspired by the books written under the pen name Carolyn Keene, according to Deadline. The show is coming to us from Doubt creators Tony Phelan and Joan Rater, producer Dan Jinks and CBS TV Studios. CBS tried to develop the project last season with Phelan, Ratner and Jinks. CBS Television Studios is still producing the series.

When the author of the most famous female teen detective book series is thrust into a real-life murder mystery, who does she turn to for help? Her two best friends from childhood, who were the inspiration for all those books and the women who have a real ax to grind about the way their supposed best friend chose to portray them all those years ago. read more

‘Blood Money’ Review: The Only Thing Worse Than a Simple Plan Is No Plan at All

By Rob Hunter

You’ve never cheered harder for John Cusack… did I mention he plays the bad guy here?

At first glance, the story unfolding in Lucky McKee‘s new film, Blood Money, seems nearly as generic as the title. A trio of twenty-something friends come together for what they hope will be a relaxing rafting trip down a mostly lazy river, but feelings old and new bubble up to the surface. Victor (Ellar Coltrane) had his heart broken by Lynn (Willa Fitzgerald) a couple years prior, and now she’s secretly boning Jeff (Jacob Artist) on the side. The friction is already palpable, but things take a turn for the worse when Lynn finds three duffel bags filled with millions in cash. read more

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